Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Measure your actions instead of your progress

Today's post is sort of building off of yesterday's, so if you didn't read that, you might want to check it out first. One thing I'm learning, especially in the last 6-12 months, is that in order to make true progress, it's better to measure your actions instead of your results. The difference is slight but significant.

When you measure your results, you are only looking at outside forces, many of which you have no control over. You could list 100 things on eBay this week and none of them could sell. You start to feel like you're failing, but it could be that it's just early. After all, you can't force people to buy or predict when they will.

The only thing you can really do in that situation is manage what you can control: your listings. Continue to list items every day (or at least 4-5 times per week). Sales is a numbers game, and the more you have listed, the more you have the potential to sell.

This idea isn't restricted to sales or business, this is a principle for every area of your life. The same could be said about weight loss, getting a new job, or a million other goals. But since I mentioned it, let's talk about weight loss for a minute.

So many times we focus on the scale, and really what that does is it tempts us to cheat. We all know something we could do to go down a pound today, but will it last long-term? You and I both know that answer is 'no'. After all, you can't starve yourself every day.

In that instance, a better approach would be to track what you eat, how much water you drink, your daily exercise, or hundreds of other metrics. The main point though is that with everything, you'll be much farther ahead if you focus on the actions you can control, instead of the outcomes that you can't control.

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