Friday, January 3, 2020

Welcome to my blog

Happy New Year! A new decade is upon us, and I'm really excited about it. I hope you are too. So, without further ado...

Welcome to the first post of my blog. Again.

This blog has lived inside my head for about a decade. Every once in a while, it has seeped onto the blank pages of the screen, only to be deleted later on because I thought what I had to say wasn't good enough.

So, it's not that I never got started; it's that I never saw it through those first few posts. I can remember sitting at my computer around the end of the year in either 2009 or 2010. I was Facebook messaging a friend of mine that had a blog about baseball caps that he was hand-painting and selling at the time. He was telling me I just needed to go for it.

My problem is that I've been running from who I really am for 40 years. I am a writer. Wow, just typing that seemed powerful to me. Writing is a very personal journey, and I guess I've always been too concerned about what people would think of my words to actually put them out there. So, instead of writing a blog that may or may not have had an impact on others, I came up with excuses.

  • What will the title of the blog be?
  • What topic will I write about?
  • What font type and size should I use?
  • Should I blog on Wordpress or Blogger?
  • Should I buy a domain or use the platform extension?
  • What if it doesn't work out?

I asked myself all these questions and more every time I sat down to get serious about blogging. In reality, I was stalling, and over the years I have become a world-class champion at putting off the things I'm not sure about. The problem with that is those ideas that we have but don't act on never really go away for good, do they?

So here I am, ready to do this again.

Blog Plan

My plan is to publish 2 posts per week - every Tuesday and Friday morning at 7am Eastern. I know that seems extremely specific, but it's for my own good. I've learned in my 41 years of life that if my plans aren't highly specific, then I won't follow through. You have no idea how many times I've started and stopped this and other blogs.

For years, my wife Junell has told me that I should write advice articles to the younger generation. I don't know if that is exactly how it will turn out or not, but that's the direction I'm aiming for to start out. As a former soccer coach who has been able to have some impact on others through my leadership, I feel like I've got some good stories to tell.

However, this blog isn't going to be a project of reminiscing about the good old days. This is a documentation of my life now, not my glory days of coaching, which were from 2007-2009. We're going to be talking about current topics that can help you now.

If there is one thing I've learned from jumping back into coaching after a 5 year break (twice), it's that the methods that worked in 2007 won't work in 2020.

Let's Get Started

Right now, the plan is to write shorter posts. Hopefully, by making them shorter and more concise, you'll be able to get something out of the writing that you can use today.

The focus of this blog in the early stages in going to be around leadership, accountability, and productivity. These are three areas where I've spent a lot of time focusing on how to improve, so it feels like there is at least a little expertise in the area.

I'm looking forward to writing this blog and really getting deep into the concepts that I end up writing about. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. The comment section is open, so please feel free to introduce yourself in any of my posts. I look forward to learning about you - the person who is reading my writing.

Thank you for reading this today!!