Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Welcome to my blog

This blog has lived inside my head for about a decade. It's true, I like to wait until a platform is nearly obsolete before I give it a go. I've heard so many times that "nobody blogs anymore", but here I am restarting again. Anyway, I know the written word will never die.

It's not that I never got started; it's that I never saw it through those first few posts. I can remember sitting at my computer around the end of the year in either 2009 or 2010. I was Facebook messaging a friend of mine that had a blog about caps that he was hand-painting and selling at the time. He was telling me I just needed to go for it.

My problem is that I've been running from who I really am for 40 years. I am a writer. Wow, just typing that seemed powerful to me. Writing is a very personal journey, and I guess I've always been too concerned about what people would think of my words to actually put them out there. So, instead of writing a blog that may or may not have generated a following, I came up with excuses.

  • What will the title of the blog be?
  • What topic will I write about?
  • What font type and size should I use?
  • Should I blog on Wordpress or Blogger?
  • Should I buy a domain or use the platform extension?
  • What if it doesn't work out?

I asked myself all these questions and more every time I sat down to get serious about blogging. In reality, I was stalling, and over the years I have become a world-class champion at putting off the things I'm not sure about. You probably are too. What I was really asking was this: What if this blog thing works out and people really start to read what I have to say? How will I deal with that - good or bad?

Over the last three weeks, I've been looking into my past and have come up with some answers as to why I do these things. It really comes down to a lack of confidence, and that stems from me being the black sheep of the family - the one who was scapegoated my entire life. I realize now that it's just time to step up and tell my story - good or bad - and take whatever comes my way in the form of feedback.

Blog Plan

My plan is to write every morning, and publish each post at 6 AM (It's 5 AM right now as I write that line). Weekends will be a little later, probably publishing at 8 AM. I'm not going to be concerned if I miss the deadlines that I've set, at least not right now when I have no audience.

There is no strict format this blog will follow. I will write about whatever I'm feeling for the day, and hope to make each post into something that you as the reader can actually use. I plan to write very similarly to what Seth Godin does on his blog - a short post every day about any topic that I feel qualified to write about. What I won't be doing is giving advice about something I've never been through personally.

Don't Wait - Just Get Started

I know you've heard this many times before, and so have I, but it's something that has really hit me hard in the last three weeks. There will always be people who want you to wait, or not tell your story, or not run that race, because your success makes them feel bad about themselves.

It's ridiculous when you think about it like that, but we both know this is true. We also know that getting started is the fun and exciting part. Once you're several days or weeks into your work though, and the newness of it has worn off, that's when the challenges will come.

I don't know much about finishing, but I do know about starting. Beginning something new is fun and exciting, but it's met with frustration and disappointment when you don't follow through and complete the task you were working on.

With this blog and in life in general, I hope to consistently improve and never actually "finish", because one goal bleeds into the next goal. I wish the same for you. Through this blog, I hope to foster a community of doers, who are constantly looking for improvement.

Thank you for reading this today!!